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 The Storm Inside [YYH FanFiction]

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PostSubject: The Storm Inside [YYH FanFiction]   The Storm Inside [YYH FanFiction] Icon_minitimeTue Jan 23, 2018 9:21 am

Disclamer: Personajele originale din anime nu imi apartin. Yumi, Ryma, Ryouta si orice alt personaj care nu este canon sunt ale mele.

Introducere: Cu secole in urma, un demon lup se lupta ca sa supravietuiasca si ajunge in banda lui Youko Kurama, cel mai mare hot din Makai. Dar aventura ei printre hoti nu dureaza foarte mult. Gasindu-si un demon care sa o placa si sa o accepte, ea pleaca sa isi intemeieze o familie. Toate bune si frumoase pana sunt vanati si omorati toti. Asa ajunge demonul sa salveze un pui nou-nascut, cu sanse mici sa traiasca singura.

Chapter I. The beginning of a long journey

One body, two different souls. Each one of them with its own personality, and its own appearance. One of them with a shy, calm, and quite personality, the other one aggressive, and short-tempered. They are Yumi Yoko and Ryma, the golden wolf, sharing the same body, the same heart, the same mind, but not the same perspective. While Yumi prefers peace, and harmony, Ryma would rather be in the middle of the fight.
During her childhood, Yumi felt another presence inside that was the opposite of her. She began talking to the other person inside and about her ability to crate and manipulate ice.
How do I do that, Ryma? Come on, tell me. It’s not that simple, like the blade and those small balls that hit a moving target… Yumi asked her inner friend, but she got no answer. Ryyyyyyymaaa! Come on! Ryma! Tell me! How am I supposed to do this?
Shut up, you little brat. Just focus, you can do it. Is just a dance, for Goodness’ sake! Just dance the way you feel and try to control those effin’ snowflakes.
With no other choice than to listen to Ryma, Yumi started dancing, and around her the snowflakes started dancing as well. When the small child tried to touch one, it cut her, and the beautiful dance stopped.
What Yumi did not see as she had been playing was a treasure hunter watching her. She happily ran to tell her elder brother about her new ability.
“Ryouta, Ryouta, I found out something new.” she happily jumped around her brother.
“What is it, little sister? What have you find out? A new ability?”
“Yes. The snowflakes are dancing around me and they cut.” She showed him her bleeding finger. “They seem to be some sort of attack.”
“Mom’s going to kill me if she sees this cut. But I’m glad you discovered more about your powers, Yumi.”
“Why are you sad, brother? Is there something wrong?”
“Because you have the power of ice… I sense something wrong in the air.”
Yumi saddened, leaving her brother’s arms. She had expected her brother to be happy for her, but he was not. Running into the woods, she began crying. The calm snow was rapidly turning into a snow storm, with strong wind. She was able to easily find her way through that storm, however, her brother, who had been running after her, got lost, unable to reach his sister.
“Yumi, I’m sorry. Please, come back. Please, I’m begging you. Please! I’m sorry… I’m happy you discovered your powers. Please, Yumi, let’s go back home. Mom and dad are waiting for us.”
Yumi appeared from the storm and tightly hugged her brother. She was crying a lot, the marks of tears still visible. Ryouta embraced her, picking her up in his arms. He kissed her forehead, smiling down at her.
“Let’s go home, sister. Mom and dad are probably waiting for us.”
“Ok, let’s go. I’m cold, brother…”
“I’ll keep you in my jacket until we reach home. This storm is really cold. And to think you made it… It’s really amazing.”
“I’m really surprised by this. It seems that my powers are connected to my feeling. But I didn’t want to start it.”
“It’s ok, Yumi. You can do so much more with your powers, you just have to learn how to use them.” Ryouta tried to comfort her, and at the same time, to make her accept her unique abilities.
On their way home, the brothers talked about her powers, and about Ryma too. She had to tell him, she felt a bit responsible, because he’d always helped her whenever she had problems. She told him about her inner friend, how that person explained her how to do some tricks, or more complicated exercises.
By the time they got home, their parents were already outside, looking for them. They were both worried about them. Yumi ran in her mother’s arms, and showed her the snowflakes dancing around her hands. Her mother watched the dance fascinated, and kissed her daughter on her forehead. The old female was very proud of her, but at the same time the parents were both scared. Their daughter’s powers were great, but dangerous too.
The Storm Inside [YYH FanFiction] New_st10

Yumi- 14 years old:
The Storm Inside [YYH FanFiction] Yumi_y10
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The Storm Inside [YYH FanFiction]
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